what drives us

empowering thousands of people to start growing and eating their own food
green, clean, beautiful cities
a generation who is connected to the future of the earth

we believe that everyone should have the power to grow and eat right, and take control of their food. instead of spending years figuring out how to grow food, we want to help others grow better food by making gardening fun. our customers are a green army who are inspired to grow their own food in a simple and fun way, fueled by each successful harvest.

we have started in dhaka, and we’ll soon grow across bangladesh.

we believe that sustainable urban agriculture can promote healthy diets, environmental stewardship, stronger communities and an improved quality of life. we hope that developing economically sound, city-based farming ventures will increase public awareness of agricultural issues and foster a greater appreciation of farmers everywhere. many studies show that people in urban areas who live near parks and green spaces suffer less depression, and people who move to greener areas have significant and long-lasting improvements in mental health.

green is good for all of us